This is best for couples who:

Is this toolkit right for you?

  • Are amicable and can communicate well

  • Trust each other to be honest about finances

  • Are comfortable with Australia’s legal system

  • Are married or in a de facto relationship

  • Want to stay in control of their divorce

Separation expert Jack Whelan has led over 500 mediations across different fields of law. He has designed this toolkit to help you:

  • Save money

    This toolkit can help you to figure out what you can do yourself and when you need expertise – this helps to sensibly keep costs down.

  • Save time and stress

    With a DIY Agreement, you stay in control of your separation. That can mean a faster settlement and less anxiety.

  • Know the risks

    A DIY Agreement can increase the chances of an unfair outcome. We talk you through what to look out for and when to seek important expertise.

Divorce and separation don’t need to be ugly.

If you want to reach a separation agreement yourselves you can! But you need to know the facts.

In this step-by-step video series, top Mediator and Barrister Jack Whelan walks you through everything you need to know to reach a separation agreement.

The series also includes DIY Agreement templates to fill out as you go.

5-part video series (inc templates)

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    You’ll get: $5,000 worth of expert time with one of Australia’s top Mediators and Barristers + legal templates

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Content overview

  • 01

    The pros and cons of a DIY Agreement

    • The pros and cons of a DIY Agreement.

  • 02

    Common mistakes — and how to avoid them

    • The top 10 separation mistakes - part 1

    • The top 10 separation mistakes - part 2

  • 03

    What is a fair split?

    • How to decide what's fair - part 1

    • How to decide what's fair - part 2

  • 04

    Next up! Getting on the same page.

    • How to start building your agreement [Template included!]

  • 05

    Finalising your Separation Agreement

    • The 4 elements of a Separation Agreement

    • Drafting your Separation Agreement [Template included!]

Giving back

We donate 5% of the profits from this DIY series to RESPECT and 5% to Men's Sheds.

Meet your instructor

Jack Whelan is a Barrister, nationally accredited Mediator and accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

He has been a Chief of Staff to the Commonwealth Attorney General and so has seen up close just how much stress the Australian Family Law system is under. Jack has also been a senior adviser to an Australian Prime Minister and two New South Wales Premiers.

Jack’s interest in family law comes from watching family members do it tough in a complicated and costly system. He has created this video content pro-bono as a way to help couples understand what a fair settlement can look like. Note: Jack is not a financial beneficiary of this content series.

Jack Whelan

Barrister & Mediator